Voice Recordable Module Box

  • ESYS-1034 Voice Recordable Module Box Our ESYS-1034 voice recordable module box could record your voice and play again when you press the play button. You can push the record button after hear a 'du' to start record, and push again to finish record with 'du du'. A protective switch is used to protect the previous record. Meanwhile, a plastic case could protect the circuits inside. With 91mm long, 42mm wide and 8mm thick, our product could have any color you want...
  • ESYS-1035 Sound Recording Module Box Our ESYS-1035 sound recordable module box features an on-off switch. It could record your voice by press the record button, and then finish recording with the same button. You can play the record again when you press the play button..

Sound recordable module box can be used for variety of applications such as educational toys, audio books, greeting cards, gifts package box and other toys. It allows you to record personal voice message, sing Happy Birthday, say Thank You, say I Love You, or wish family and friends a Merry Christmas and so on.

With 2 types to select, our product could work with a power supply of 4.5V. Meanwhile, we will indicate you clearly about the beginning and ending of recording. The voice message can be up to 60 seconds long and you can re-record as many times as you wish. A 75db sound output could also help you to get your message across.

We are a specialized voice recordable module box manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as educational sound book, cards sound module, sound module box, and ESYS-4002 dancing plush toy module /dancing doll module.

Other Products
  • Toy Sound Module Box Our toy sound module box can record your sound, and then play it when you press the button at the belly or hands of the toy. You can also record your voice by the built-in microphone. Meanwhile, you could send us the sound files in WAV or MP3 format and we will record the sound into the sound module of our toy sound module box.
    Our toy sound module box ESYS1001 or ESYS 1007 features a round shape and a compact ...
  • Music Box Module Our music box modules vary from ESYS1008 to ESYS1013, and the size of each type differs. The shape also varies from cylinder to cube. To be installed into small animal toys, the smallest one only takes 25mm in diameter and 12mm in height.
    Besides, the power supply of our product is 3V or 4.5V, and you can switch on the music box module and make a sound. Meanwhile...