Established in 1996, Shenzhen ESYS Electronics Company Ltd. combines R&D, production, sales, OEM and ODM services, investment, consulting, and other services. We are the top company in the production of single chip, consumer IC, PCBA, COB, and electronic modules that include a recorder, LED flash light, vibration, light control, remote control, alarm, sensor, electronic watch, clock, calendar, keyboard, toy, and more. These can be used as gifts, toys, POP, greeting cards, e-books, and more. We can also design products according to our customers' requirements, as we offer low-cost appliances, toys, gifts, and other products based on our clients' varied needs. In recent years, with an increase in OEM and ODM orders, we continue to provide these services for our customers.

At ESYS, we firmly believe that an excellent manufacturing environment is the key to producing a superior product. Our factory encompasses and area of approximately 4000 square meters and includes a plastic mold department, plastic injection department, bonding, SMT workshop, electronic assembly workshop, PMC, engineering department, quality control department, and marketing department. With advanced semiconductor production equipment and large mold and injection equipment, we provide our clients with fast, first class, one-stop service. In order to meet the needs of the rapidly growing market and enhance our competitive strength, our company employs over 300 staff members as well as 60 development and management employees. We have also passed the ISO9001: 2000 and ISO9001: 2008 certification. After years of development, we are committed to building a high-end brand of our consumer electronic products. All our products are tested by strict American and European standards. Therefore, our valued clients can be assured of the excellent quality of our consumer electronic and electronic module products. We stand behind the high quality products made in China at ESYS.

Main Products
  • ESYS-1001 Sound Module Box ESYS-1001 sound module box features four color printing. Meanwhile, you can also use self-adhesive stickers of various colors to warp around the box. The standard color of your sound module box is red, and you can also specify other colors if you like.
    Besides, you can push the top of the box to activate the sound. Our sound module box...
  • ESYS-1009 Music Press Button Our ESYS-1009 music press button features a larger appearance with diameter of 68mm and 41mm in height. Thus you could install 2 pcs AAA batteries inside. With a white color, our music press button can have other color, while you can also wrap our music press button by 4 colors print self-sticker or 4 color printing. Meanwhile, the sound will be activated by pushing the top of our box. With a plastic case, the circuit of our music press button can be well-protected...