Our company will contact customers to make sure we could handle your requirements carefully. Meanwhile, we will make templates strictly according to your needs and inform you during the production process of templates. We might ask for the template fees or not based on the situation.

Meanwhile, we will report the production process and the test results in time, such as the details about the production schedule, the daily output, checking results, defective products, etc. We will make enough products according to the condition of product as well.

Moreover, we also provide complete customer service after sales. We will track our products and offer services as well. The shelf life is 6 to 12 months and we offer a detailed service to transport, store, operate and sell our products.

We can also customize our products according to your needs. We offer services to design, realize, produce and transport our products. In addition, OEM and ODM are also supported by our company.

Main Products
  • ESYS-1009 Music Press Button Our ESYS-1009 music press button features a larger appearance with diameter of 68mm and 41mm in height. Thus you could install 2 pcs AAA batteries inside. With a white color, our music press button can have other color, while you can also wrap our music press button by 4 colors print self-sticker or 4 color printing. Meanwhile, the sound will be activated by pushing the top of our box. With a plastic case, the circuit of our music press button can be well-protected...
  • ESYS-1022 18 Sounds Panel for Kids Book Our ESYS-1022 18 sound panel for kids book is used to activate sound output when you press the buttons. With an on-off switch and at least 16 pcs buttons, our product features a multi-color appearance with 286mm high, 75mm wide and 15mm thick. With a plastic case, the circuit of our product can be well-protected...